How You Can Break 80

Many experienced and dedicated golfers soon find themselves hitting a plateau – that magic and elusive number – 80.  Have you gotten there?  Wondered how you can break 80?

If you ask a dozen experts, you’ll probably get a dozen different opinions on what you need to do to break 80.  Here is one solution for how you can break 80.

You’ll make a variety of shots during a typical round of golf.  Whether it’s driving, hitting off the fairway, chipping or putting, any one of these areas could make or break your game.  To learn how you can break 80, you must perfect your tee shots.  For our purposes, we’ll discuss shots off the tee area with any club – from your driver to your pitching wedge.

A lot of golfers never reach or break 80 because they lose too many strokes off the tee.

Just one wild shot from the tee can ruin your overall score.  If you hit a hard slice or hook into the woods, you’ll likely only be able to bogey that hole.  To break 80, you must become consistent and proficient from the tee.

To master your tee shot, you should concentrate on getting controlled distance.  That’s what will get you in position for a possible eagle on longer holes and birdies on the others.  Do that consistently and you’ll be playing in the mid- to high-70s.

Here are some tips to help you maximize your tee shots:

First of all, spend some quality time practicing from the tee.  Try different things to see what works for you.  And keep in mind, that with this practice, you may end up with a variety of new tee shots you can use in different situations.

Test out various tee heights.  Set a tee high and hit.  Try it at medium and low as well.  Note: a low tee will give you some additional control.

Another suggestion as you figure out how you can break 80 is to try different grip levels on your club.  Sometimes lowering your grip on the shaft will give you added control.  It will also allow you to make faster adjustments while you’re swinging.

Start a regular practice routine will all of your clubs that you’ll hit from the tee – even those you’d use on a short par-3.  You must be able to properly hit from the tee with any suitable club for the distance – including a pitching wedge.

If you don’t have one, try out a 460 cc driver.  A lot of golfers are using these for the added distance.  But bear in mind that mastering this heavier club takes time at the driving range.

And remember, your focus is not specifically on added distance from the tee.  It’s on consistent controlled distance.  When learning how you can break 80, a massively long drive won’t do any good if it’s out of play.  It is always better to sacrifice some distance for better control of your shot.

Don’t expect improvement overnight.  It will take time.  If you put in the effort and maintain patience and diligence, you’ll improve round by round and watch your score come down.  Before you know it, you won’t be asking how you can break 80 anymore, because you’ll be doing it.

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