How to Hit the Golf Ball Straight Off the Tee

There’s a rule of thumb that says, “the longer a club is, the more difficult it is to master.”  That’s why the driver is one of the most difficult clubs to use properly.

Every golfer wants to hit the golf ball straight off the tee, and it’s not impossible to learn.  Here are some tips to help you learn to drive a golf ball straight.

Your goal when driving the ball is to get it into the air without a lot of backspin, with a low trajectory and enough power that it will continue to roll once it lands.  If you’re able to accomplish each of these, you will see a great improvement in your game.

Leverage is an extremely important part of your drive, and as you practice you’ll realize that it’s important throughout your entire swing.  For proper leverage, you must have your head behind the ball all the way from your set up to impact.

You also need to know that power and distance doesn’t come from your arm strength, but more from club head speed.  Have you noticed that, more often than not, when you try to hit the ball as hard as possible you end up with a poorly hit ball?  That’s because your speed and power must come from your legs and hips, not your arms.

With a driver, you want to keep your swinging plane shallow (or low).  With other clubs, you’ll swing in more of a high arch, but not with your driver.

Another important rule when trying to hit the golf ball straight is to let your hands lead your club head at impact.  You’ll hear this referred to as “letting your wrists break.”

As you swing, make sure to follow through.  Don’t abruptly stop once you make impact with the ball.  This is a common mistake of some golfers.

Don’t grip the driver too tightly.  A moderate grip is all you need and will keep your swing smooth.  Think about “whipping” the ball as you swing, rather than just chopping at it, as many golfers do.

If you find that you tend to slice the ball a lot, try slowing down your down swing, then accelerating through the ball.  You may be coming down too hard and too quickly, and that causes you to lose the proper swing path.  Check your grip also.  A proper grip is important too.  Check that you can see two or three of your knuckles when you look down at your grip.  If not, you’re setting yourself up to slice the ball.

If you’re hooking the ball, check your grip too.  If you see more than two or three knuckles, you’re going to get a sever hook because your grip will change at impact.

Finally, as you’re learning to hit the golf ball straight, make sure you are not pushing or pulling the ball.  You can tell by checking out your divot.  If it points to the left or right, you’ve found you’re culprit – your body isn’t aligned properly.  This is a tip that applies to teeing off and also to hitting off the fairway.

Try to implement these tips as you play and see if you notice an improvement in your game.  And remember, what’s the very best tip for how to hit your golf ball straight?  Practice, practice, practice.

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