Golf Distance Tips

Let’s face it.  All of us want to hit the long ball – to get great distance off the tee.

Here are some great golf distance tips that really work to boost your yardage on every drive.  Now get out there and practice.

Accuracy. Probably the best of the golf distance tips is to never sacrifice accuracy for distance.  You can hit the ball a mile, but it won’t do you any good it you can’t keep it in play.  A ball in the wild or in a water hazard just ends up costing your strokes.  Focus on accuracy first and foremost.

Angle Your Foot. Now, while working to stay accurate, to gain extra yardage, try angling your left foot a bit (for right-handers).  Your primary power source on your drive is in your hips.  Even though your hands are holding the club and your arms are swinging, it’s the leverage in your hips that generates the power and energy you need for distance.

If you angle your left foot slightly – just a few degrees to the outside – your hips will be better able to complete a full turn.  This will result in a boost in your power and an increase in your distance.

Check Your Posture. As you take your stance, your posture is very important.  For your hips to generate the energy needed for that long drive, you must have some flex in your knees.  Your weight needs to shift smoothly during your swing from the right to the left side as you strike the ball.  By keeping your knees flexed slightly, you enable your body to flow naturally.

Release Your Right Hand. This is one of the more challenging things to do, but it’s also one of the best golf distance tips.  So what does releasing your right hand mean?  You’re not going to let go of the club.  What it means to release your hand is this: as your hips move through the strike zone and the club head approaches the ball, your right hand should snap forward.  With practice you can master the timing of this technique and you’ll add an additional ten to twenty yards to your shot.  This technique also works with shots off the fairway.

Don’t use your arms for power. Many golfers make the mistake of thinking that their power comes through their arms.  It’s easy to think that, because your arms are doing the swinging.  But the trick to adding distance to your drives comes with increased speed to the club head.  Now it is true that players with greater arm strength has a slight advantage, but if a player tries to muscle the shot with his or her arms, they’ll often fail.  Nine out of ten times they’ll end up with a hook or slice as the club head opens up or closes on impact.

Draw Shot. A draw shot is when the ball leaves the tee sailing to the right and then curves back to the left.  It’s a beautiful shot when done right, and something you should work on.  The draw shot normally has a low trajectory that will give the ball quite a bit of roll when it lands on the fairway.  Many pros say this is their favorite shot.

In summary, remember that practice is your most important asset.  You have to get out on the range and hit some balls to put these techniques to use.  There is no substitute.  Practice this golf distance tips and you’ll be pleased with the improvement in your game.

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