Five Great Tips to Help Fix Your Golf Slice

Do you have a persistent slice when you hit the ball? Here are five great tips to help fix your golf slice once and for all.

Fix Your Golf Slice: Tip #1

One of the most common causes of a slice is an incorrect set-up. You should make sure you line your body up properly to the target line. This means your left shoulder needs to be aimed right at the target. If your shoulder is just a little out of line, your shot will probably slice to the right.

Fix Your Golf Slice: Tip #2

Check your grip. If you can’t see two or three knuckles on your left hand (for right handed golfers), or if you see more than three, you have an incorrect grip. See if adjusting your grip fixes your problem.

The other thing to do is make sure your grip is not too tight. A lot of golfers try to hold their clubs with a death grip, and that is wrong. It restricts your ability to release at impact. Conversely, holding the club too loosely will cause your club head to shift or wiggle at impact, causing your ball to fly errantly off course.

Fix Your Golf Slice: Tip #3

A common reason that golfers slice their ball and send it flying off to the right is that they don’t fully turn their hip as they swing through the strike zone. The club face must strike the ball squarely for it to fly straight. If your hips are not fully turning during impact, you’ll find it virtually impossible to squarely hit the ball. To correct this problem, you’ll need to train yourself to finish your swing high. That will cause your hips to turn properly.

Fix Your Golf Slice: Tip #4

Slow down your swing. A lot of times, golfers will try to swing fast and hard to get greater distance. What happens is that their hands get ahead of their swing and their club face opens up at impact, causing the errant shot. What you need is a smooth, controlled stroke.

Fix Your Golf Slice: Tip #5

You’ve heard it before, probably a zillion times, but it’s worth repeating again. Keep your head down until you’ve completed your swing. A lot of golfers lift their head right at impact. This is a bad habit and usually results in a poor shot.

Usually, a player will lift his head to see where their ball is going. It’s just a curiosity thing. They probably don’t even realize that is what they’re doing. If you continually slice your ball and can’t find what’s causing it, have a friend watch you as you hit. They’ll be able to tall if you’re not keeping your head down.

The other reason golfers lift their heads has to do with the right shoulder following through the shot. It comes into contact with the chin and causes the head to automatically lift out of the way. Keeping the right shoulder down where it belongs can prevent this.

The bottom line is that to correct a slice, or any recurring poor shot, you need to practice. Take some time and work through the issue, making small, incremental adjustments and soon you’ll be hitting straight.

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